Val J. Watts, Ph.D.

Professor of Medicinal Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology

Associate Head

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office: (765) 496-3872; lab: (765) 496-3873
secretary: (765) 494-1403;


Molecular Signaling of G Protein Coupled Receptors; Dopamine Receptors, G proteins, and Adenylyl Cyclase Signaling.

B.S. - Pharmacy 1990 Ohio Northern University
Ph.D. - Pharmacology 1994 University of North Carolina (Dr. Richard B. Mailman)
Postdoc. - Molecular Pharmacology 1995-1998 Oregon Health Sciences University (Dr. Kim A. Neve)

Current Laboratory Personnel:
Zhong Ding - Postdoctoral fellow
Monica Soto - Velasquez-Graduate Student
Trevor Doyle - Graduate Student
Yu Han-Hallet - Technician

Position Open: Postdoctoral Fellow The candidate should have expertise in molecular biology relevant to the study of the cellular biology of G protein-coupled receptors and their effectors. The position is in a newly-renovated active laboratory with a focus on sub-acute and chronic receptor activation mechanisms, G proteins, and adenylyl cyclases, using cultured cell models. Newer initiatives also being developed include small molecule library screening, viral-mediated gene delivery, fluorescent microscopy, BiFC, siRNA, and genetic animal models.

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