G. Marc Loudon

Distinguished Professor of Medicinal Chemistry Emeritus, Purdue University

I use an unusual cooperative-learning approach to teaching organic chemistry within a large class. I have been carrying out continual assessments of this technique. This work is described in a talk that is summarized in a PowerPoint slide presentation, What Happens When We Change the Way We Teach Organic Chemistry?

  • My major activity recently has been the development of an organic chemistry survey course designed for pre-health professionals. Along with this course, I have been involved in the preparation of "Organic Chemistry, 6th Edition," a textbook co-authored with Jim Parise of Notre Dame University. This edition of the text contains new material that make it suitable for a pre-health professions course while maintaining the flexibility to be used in a traditional course. For an outline of our Purdue course for pre-health professionals keyed to the textbook, click on the link to the outline below.

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