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Aug, 2009

NMR user training, 2009
click here for the powerpoint presentation.

March, 2009

Indirect chemical shift referencing for heteronucleus
A excel spreadsheet is made for indirect chemical shift referencing based on proton chemical shift and frequency. Contact Huaping Mo if you need further information.

Scalar coupling constants for some common nuclei
I made a pdf document for J coupling constants involving proton, carbon, phosphorus, fluorine, silicon and nitrogen.

Probe swap for drx500-2 at RHPH
The instructions can be found here for probe swap between TXI and BBO. TXI probe is good for proton observing protons including most 2D's; BBO probe is best for 1D 13C or other heteronuclei observation

April, 2009

Homo- and hetero-nuclear NOE
A plot of NOE (for H, C, N or P from protons) dependence on spectrometer frequency and correlation time can be found here.

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Last updated: March 26, 2009