Dykhuizen Lab

Emily Dykhuizen, Principal Investigator

  • Title:Assistant Professor of MCMP
  • Room:HANS 105A
  • Office Phone:494-4706
  • E-mail:edykhui@purdue.edu

Emily graduated from Reed College in 2001 with a BA in biochemistry and molecular biology. After spending a year at OHSU working in stroke research, she went to the University of Wisconsin–Madison to pursue a PhD in Chemistry with Laura L. Kiessling. There she worked on developing inhibitors to UDP-galactopyranose mutase, an essential enzyme in the synthesis of the arabinogalactan portion of mycobacterial cell wall, verifying it as a therapeutic target to treat tuberculosis. After graduation in 2008, she switched fields and began an American Cancer Society postdoctoral fellowship with Gerald Crabtree at Stanford University, where she worked to develop inhibitors of the BAF (SWI/SNF-like) chromatin remodeling complex.

In addition, she started defining the mechanisms of BAF-mediated tumor suppression, and uncovered a novel role for BAF complexes in decatenation of DNA by topoisomerase IIa. She started her independent career at Purdue University in the Department of Medicinal Chemistry in 2013, where her lab continues to unravel roles for chromatin regulation in cancer, as well as develop therapies to target epigenetic processes.

Katelyn Connelly, Grad Student


Katelyn Connelly grew up in the Flint, Michigan area. She graduated from The Ohio State University in 2013 with her BS in Pharmaceutical Science. She is a student in Medicinal Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology program. Katelyn joined the Dykhuizen lab in December 2013 where she studies the role of Polycomb Repressive Complex 1 in glioblastoma as a potential therapeutic target.

Basudev Chowdhury, Postdoc

  • Title: Post-Doctorial Research Assistant
  • Room:HANS 105
  • Office Phone:494-4782
  • E-mail: bchowdhu@purdue.edu

Basudev grew up in Kolkata (nicknamed “The City of Joy”), India and earned his Bachelor in Biotechnology from VIT University, Vellore, India. For his undergraduate thesis, he conducted research at Dr. Vishal Vaidya’s lab, Harvard Medical School, Boston to identify transcription factors playing a dual role in kidney development. He came over to Purdue University to pursue a Ph.D. in Biological Sciences with Dr. Joseph Irudayaraj. His doctoral research was devoted to understanding the genome-wide aberrations in DNA methylation patterns in cancer and the mode of action of "epigenetic drug" Decitabine in the light of the newly discovered 5-hydroxymethylcytosine. After graduation, he joined the Dykhuizen lab as a Post-doctoral Research Associate and is currently studying the epigenomic landscape of Baf180 (a component of the PBAF chromatin remodeling complex that is frequently mutated in clear cell Renal Carcinoma) using Next Generation Sequencing technology. His long term goal is conducting further research in pharmacogenomics to facilitate development of affordable and effective personalized medicines.

Elizabeth Porter, Grad Student


Elizabeth (Libby) Porter grew up in the Detroit area. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry from Calvin College in Grand Rapids Michigan. She is currently a graduate student in the PULSe program. Libby joined Professor Dykhuizen’s lab in May of 2014. Her project focuses on elucidating the mechanism by which Polybromo targets the P-BAF complex to specific regions of DNA, to identify new drug targets for cancer treatments.

Jane C. Stewart, Lab Manager


Jane Stewart is the Lab Manager for the Dykhuizen research group. She received her bachelor degree in Medical Technology from the University of Florida and has over 25 years of experience in research laboratories. She is responsible for organizing and maintaining supplies, overseeing regulatory and safety requirements along with other research duties.