Pharmacy personal web pages - instructions

These instructions are not designed to teach you how to make web pages. The purpose of these instructions it to show you how to put web pages on the file server so that other people can see them. These instructions assume that you already have, or know how to make, web pages. On this server, you should call your home page index.html, or index.shtml if you are going to use server-side includes. If you are technically-minded, you way want to refer to the technical instructions in addition to this document.

These instructions are written for Windows users, since they are the majority in the College Pharmacy. These instructions can be adapted for Macintosh users; use your common sense.

Creating a place for your web pages is easy. There are two steps, which are:

  1. You need to create a web directory in your home directory.
  2. You then place web content in your web directory.

Let's look at those steps in a little more detail.

  1. Creating a web folder
  2. This is the easy step. In Windows Explorer, create a new folder in your U: drive, the one labeled as your-username on 'binder'. Name this folder www, in lower case. NOTE: this folder must be called www. Not "webpages", "www ", "My Web Pages", or anything else. www, in lower case. Also, your web folder must be located directly in your home directory, not inside any other folders.

    To make a new folder, select your U: drive in the left-hand pane of Windows Explorer so that the contents of your home directory appear in the right-hand pane (If you have not used the system before, your home directory will be empty. This is normal.) Right-click in the open space in the right-hand pane and select 'New' and then 'Folder' from the menus that appear. (See Figure 2, below).

    Selecting your home directory
    Figure 1 - Selecting your home directory

    Making a new folder
    Figure 2 - Making a new folder

    Naming folder 'www'
    Figure 3 - Naming folder www

  3. Placing web content
  4. Technically, once you have created your web folder, you are on the web! The address of your website will be, and if you go to, you should appear in the list, with the title of your main page listed as "Index of your-username". However, although you are on the web, you are not yet saying anything. Your website is blank. Create some web pages, and put them in your www directory. Now your website has content.

    Some notes on creating web pages: