January 31, 2006


Dear BiFC Users:


First of all, we would like to thank you for your interest in using our BiFC assays to visualize protein-protein interactions in living cells and in living animals.


Since we published the first BiFC paper in 2002 (Molecular Cell, 9:789-798, 2002), we have been receiving a large number of requests for BiFC cloning vectors. Some of them have successfully applied our BiFC and multicolor BiFC assays to their research and have published great papers. However, some have tried, but failed to obtain meaningful results due to different reasons. One limitation in our original BiFC assays is the lower BiFC signal output under 37oC culture conditions. This limits the applications of BiFC assays to some of your experiments. To circumvent this problem, we have recently identified several new combinations that show significant improvements in terms of signal output under physiological conditions and the specificity (BioTechnique, 40:61-66, 2006). Over the past few weeks, we have received a large number of requests. To expedite the processing of your request, please follow the Request Procedures and submit your request to us. Although we are trying our best to process your requests as soon as possible, it is possible that we may miss some of your requests. If you have not heard from us for a few weeks, please feel free to contact my assistant, Ms. Camille Hamelman. Any technical questions should be directly addressed to MYSELF


We would also like you to request the cloning vectors based on your purposes. In many cases, we send the BiFC Kit that includes two cloning vectors and three control plasmids. For detailed BiFC protocols, please check our BiFC publications.


  1. Visualization of two protein interactions in living cells (BiFC Kit)
    1. pBiFC-VN173 (pFLAG-Venus 1-172)
    2. pBiFC-VC155 (pHA-Venus 155-238)
    3. Positive and negative controls are included.
  2. Visualization of three protein interactions in living cells (Multicolor BiFC Kit)
    1. pBiFC-VN173 (pFLAG-Venus 1-172)
    2. pBiFC-CrN173 (pFLAG-Cerulean 1-172)
    3. pBiFC-CC155 (pHA-ECFP 155-238)
  3. Visualization of protein-protein interactions in living worms (Worm BiFC Kit)

a. pCE-BiFC-VN173

b. pCE-BiFC-VC155


Chang-Deng Hu, M.D., Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Molecular Pharmacology

Purdue University School of Pharmacy